October 27th, 2012

My brother came over to watch the Notre Dame football game. He strongly suggested ordering pizza from Domino’s. In fact, he strongly suggested ordering their two medium two-topping pizza deal for $12. Further, he strongly suggested ordering both pizzas with sausage and pepperoni and extra sauce (“You’ve GOT to get it with extra sauce!”).

I was sort of hoping he’d strongly suggest to pay for it, too. But no biggie. I treated.

And Domino’s new formula is pretty good — lots of spices. It’s the opposite of bland. And to tell you the truth, my brother was right about the pepperoni/sausage/extra sauce thing. I just hope he’s wrong in his prediction that Notre Dame is going to lose.

Oh, and we split one pizza between the two of us. So expect to see some leftovers from Pizza No. 2 in the near future…

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