March 19th, 2011

Winter Picnic in Evanston!

Some good friends of ours hosted an indoor, winter picnic at their Evanston home. The Missus and I were one of the only couples that didn’t bring children.

But, to make up for that, I brought something just as potentially disgusting: Molten Hot Wings-flavored Ruffles potato chips.

Seriously, the word “molten” probably isn’t the most appetizing way to describe something you’re supposed to ingest.

Also, I brought some regular, edible chips with taco dip:

What a spread! There were caprese sandwiches, potato salad, chicken curry salad and good old-fashioned Cheetos. Also, these mini-pretzel roll ham sandwiches:

I bravely and courageously volunteered to be the first guy through the food line — everyone gets so “polite” and doesn’t want to look greedy or impatient. Don’t worry, my fellow partygoers, I’ll be “that guy.”

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